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Rescue encompasses a myriad of emotions. From fulfillment when a cat finds their perfect home, to sadness when there's bad news, warmth when a shy cat approaches you for the first time, or delight just watching their crazy antics.

Here are some of the stories shared with us by the forever families and foster carers of some of our cats.

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Aelin (Mistique)


Aelin (then known as Mistique) arrived in the pound at just a year old, with three of her own young kittens. After she raised her babies to an adoption-ready age, it was her turn to find a forever family.

From Aelin's adopter:

"I found Aelin (formerly known as Mistique) when I chose to check out Cat Haven with my dad. When I noticed her, I instantly fell in love with her big eyes and gorgeous fluffy black coat!

"She was a bit timid at first, and very easily spooked by anyone who was not family, but she’s grown so much in her personality - and physically! She’s a bit loony and always running around like a crazy cat, but she’s my crazy cat and I love her for it.

"She’s made me so happy and she’s definitely my fur best friend. Whenever I’m home she pretty much spends all her time with me.

"She’s got a few nicknames, but Spooky is my favourite for her.

"All my friends when they see her make it their mission to point out how short her legs are. I just say they have freakishly tall cats!"

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Arnold #2

Arnold #2

An open letter to my foster cat... (15th August, 2016)

"Dear Arnie... aka "Ginger Bat"...aka Usain Bolt...

Sometimes I think you are THE WORST cat. Like when you escape out the sliding doors into the night and attack my actual cat, and then I have to entice you over with an open tin of tuna and then carry you by the scruff of the neck back inside. Other times I think you're the funniest cat known to humankind. Other times I KNOW you're hilarious and I am literally out of breath from laughing at your antics. And then there are the times when I really truly resent you controlling my entire life. ;) Damn cat.

Whoever adopts you will be very lucky indeed - and I will be very grateful to them for giving me my life back. I WILL miss you, and life will feel very empty. But suddenly I will have more time on my hands, as I won't have to continuously put you in time out while I manoeuvre other cats, etc. So yes, I will be sad to see you go, but I'll be so very relieved as well. My cats will be grateful also as they will be able to come inside whenever they want.

Arnie, you cheeko roll, don't ever stop being you! Because then life would be boring and all predictable and stuff. And who would want to adopt a ginger NON bat-out-of-hell crazy cat?

Lots of love,
Your foster mum."

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Athena & Apollo (Harlee & Quinn)

Athena & Apollo

"While browsing Facebook, I saw a photo of these two shy little kittens looking for their forever homes; a beautiful calico girl 'Harlee', and her sweet white-and-tabby brother, 'Quinn'.

"They were about 5 months old - the same age as our kitten, Balor, who's playfulness was already overwhelming our other cat. We knew we needed to find a friend for him with energy to match, then we found these two!

"They had a sad backstory - they were much smaller than normal for their age, likely due to past neglect, and were poorly socialised. In addition, they had a few minor medical issues which needed to be resolved before they could be adopted.

"It took weeks of careful introductions, isolating the new kittens in a spare room, before everyone had adjusted enough to interact safely. Meanwhile, we had to catch them several times a day to medicate them!

"We renamed Harlee 'Athena' and Quinn 'Apollo' because we felt it matched their personalities (and our theme of mythological naming).

"Athena adored Balor from the beginning, following him everywhere and showering him with affection. Apollo took a while to stop growling at his new brother, but these days he is often found sleeping on TOP of Balor! Our 'three musketeers' as we call them are always getting into trouble together, when they aren't sleeping in a pile or forming a 'grooming triangle'. Our other cat, Gremory, finally plays chasey with Apollo and is steadily being won over by Athena's sweet nature.

"I call Apollo my 'sugar-cube', because he can be so over-indulgently sweet! He'll follow me around to rub his cheeks on my face until I get sick of it!

"We call Athena our marching band, or our bunny. She has a musical meow and she'll walk around the house singing at dust motes and flying insects. Then when she's kneading the blanket in the morning, she moves her paws so fast it's like she's marching on the spot! And when you pick her up, she curls up and tucks her legs in, looking something like a bunny (with short ears).

"They are a work in progress, but these cats mean so much to us and we'd do anything to give them the very best."

From Athena & Apollo's adopters, Jeanette & Darcy

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Big Boy

Big Boy

I've had cats all my life.

Some might say that cats are my life.

The relationship between a human and their cat is very special. But every now and then a 'different' cat comes into your world. A cat who you're sure was human in a past life and if only they could talk would have the most amazing stories.

On 7th April I picked up Big Boy... just a foster I said, give him a bit of love until he's ready to go to a new home... just a foster... just a foster... just a foster! But this was a 'different' cat!

Big Boy bit me... quite a bit and never for any reason.

Big Boy didn't love my cats... he quite happily told them where to go on a regular basis.

Big Boy didn't like to use the litter tray if it was even slightly soiled... my bedroom floor was far nicer! In fact even my bed in the middle of the night once!

But he loved me... Big Boy wasn't going anywhere... as much as I kept saying he's just a foster... he wasn't going anywhere!

He developed a cough... it was gradual. The odd sniff and a bit of a wheeze. But on 21 June I woke up and Big Boy was in respiratory failure. I was meant to go to work at the crack of dawn that day. But I couldn't pull myself out of bed... thank god... Big Boy would have died on my floor alone.

I've never experienced anything like it and was close to giving him CPR. I made the distress call to my best friend who was at my house and had us to the emergency vet within 15 minutes!

Big Boy pulled through and a course of antibiotics and antiimflamatories followed.

All was good and then 9 days later he was in respiratory distress again. Back to the emergency vet and a diagnosis of asthma. Amazingly I had a cat previously with feline asthma so I wasn't fazed giving him the puffer.

Eating well and back to chasing my cats around I thought we had cracked it.

Then, 9 days later, on Wednesday I came home from work and Big Boy didn't come for his dinner. I found him a bit lethargic and a little breathless on my bed. I monitored him through the night but in the morning he was no better.

Back to the vets but I think I just knew this time...

Last night Big Boy went to sleep for the final time.

It doesn't seem fair... I doubt he'd had the best life. Cats don't usually bite for no reason unless they have been through something us cat lovers would prefer not to think about!

I will miss you Big Boy. I hated your name, you had the worst smelling poo and you got fur everywhere... but boy I loved you!

Sleep well x

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Billie Vanilli

Billie Vanilli

Billie Vanilli has been in foster care since April 27th, 2018, across two foster homes. Her progress has been slow. Here is a little timeline, with photos from the pound to the present!

PHASE 1 (2018)

PHASE 2 (2018-2019)

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My beautiful cat haven rescue cat Freebie passed away in March this year. I got her as an adult cat in 2003 and was never sure of her exact age but she gave me over 16 years of love. I couldn't imagine my life without a feline companion so I started looking for a mature cat that needed a furever home.

I had been following IFR on Facebook for a few years so I looked through some of their profiles. I saw Bondi's profile and immediately fell in love with him. After the first meet & greet I knew I wanted to adopt him.

I was having house renovations done at the time and Bondi's foster mum Mattel was happy to keep him in her care for another 6 weeks. I visited him on a regular basis until the renovations were completed and then I took him home.

Bondi didn't take long to settle in to his new home and give me lots of attention and cuddles. After some very careful introductions, Bondi finally made friends with my dog Utu, all on Bondi's terms of course!

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"Hi, We have three male cats at home, who are all very loving and playful. I’m cat obsessed, as our cats have really comforted our family through some difficult times, and I really wanted to adopt a female cat. It’s easy to get a cute adorable kitten, but who takes the stray female mummy cats after a litters gone? We wanted a little mummy who’d had a tough time. Along came Cindy cat, beautiful dark coat and white paws. She was extremely timid, as she was originally a street cat and was mainly used to living in foster homes with other cats, so we knew she’d be okay with our three boys.

"When Cindy first came to us, she would hide under the furniture and only come out at night to eat and toilet. We didn’t see her for days at a time, but I knew her food was missing, as she was in her own room.

"It’s been a bit of a wait and see game with Cindy. We’ve treated her with love and patience. If anyone got to see her eat it was like spotting an exotic animal. She’s mainly stayed in her room. As the time has passed she has become friendly with our cats and started rubbing on them, she has one cat, Stormy, that she’s particularly attached to. They love to sit together, lick each other’s faces and look out the window. All the cats have accepted that Cindy’s a shy cat and they enjoy interaction with her when she wants to. Little by little with food treats, (Cindy loves chicken and bacon), she started rubbing on our legs when all the cats are being fed together. We couldn’t be happier. She now lets us pat her, although she’s still timid and ducks under furniture, when she’s had enough.

"Cindy came to us about 8 months ago, every day, we all spend some time patting her, recently we’ve had our biggest break through, the cat whisperer in our family, our son, has managed to get her to play with cat toys. She is so timid we never thought she would relax enough to play like a normal kitty. Today I had my best surprise I heard a tapping noise and discovered she was playing with a cat ball by herself.

"She has made huge progress, we are so happy with her, and with time look forward to her maybe just maybe sitting on one of our laps. We adore her and I’d like to say thank you to all the workers at Impound Feline Rescue for saving Cindy and the support they’ve given us. She’s a timid cat, but she’s sure been worth saving. It’s benefitted everyone in our home to have the perseverance and patience with a timid cat, and we’re sure glad we’ve given her a chance at a forever home.

"Karen & Cindy cat."

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Dante was a beautiful black boy who came to the rescue as an ex-abused cat. He had been kicked around and used as a "play thing" for his former family's dog. You could tell that he didn't trust, and biting was a way of defending himself. He was also desperate about food, biting and scratching at first as he was waiting for his bowl to be set down. This behaviour calmed down over time as he realised he wasn't going to go without.

He didn't like being patted below his head and neck at first, but allowed it more as time went on. He also bit less often, and wormed his way into my heart more thoroughly! While he started out extremely quiet, watchful and wary of his environment, over time his true chatty nature revealed itself (his meow was not quiet!).

Dante was a magnificent, robust and silky beast who liked to sit on my lap and headbump me backwards (if that makes sense??). People kept telling me to keep him, and though my heart broke at the idea of saying goodbye, I knew the right home was out there for him.

He eventually found a lovely home with kids and adults of varying ages who had a lot of love to give him. He settled remarkably quickly, and so I felt at ease with leaving him there. My home felt very empty without him, but that's what you get as a foster carer!

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"When our beautiful dog of 18 years passed away, we needed a little time to heal.

"When we were ready we decided we wanted to get a cat, but because hubby is allergic (more to some cats than others), we wanted to foster first to see how it went.

"We found IFR and were offered Kirk. After a shaky start (hubby needing to get his medication right to deal with the fluff), Kirk cemented himself in our hearts and we made him ours permanently. He is now big brother to 2 dogs (Scoota and Rocky) and our family is complete. I might not be able to have hooman babies, but I sure have the cutest fur kids. They all love each other and life is good!"

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"Finally, after constantly nagging for a second cat, my partner said yes! So I jumped on that and started searching the internet for our next kitty companion. Link's picture was one of the first I saw and I knew he was the one from the get go! After hours of browsing, I kept going back and just knew it had to be him. He’s now spoilt rotten and purrs super loud if you even look in his direction. I still can’t walk past him 2 years later without obsessing at his cuteness. He goes by the names 'Monkey', 'Monster' or 'Little Buddy', he’s not too fazed, as long as the tap gets turned on for drinks, the biscuit bowl is always filled, and he gets treats when he jumps on the laundry bench.

"He is a character, one of a kind, and more than just a cat in our family.

"Thank you IFR for saving my little monster from the streets and giving him a second chance at life."

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Maisie May (Enya)


A letter to Maisie from her foster carers:

Goodbyes were hard but memories are forever.
To our first foster girl, Maisie May

You completely took over our home and hearts and the dogs' beds. Fearless and free from your cage, you settled in with a deepness of love for everyone you met. Not even the dogs knew what to do, you loved them with force.

We were naughty foster carers letting you out into our backyard but you were relentless and considering you had never been outside in your life, you were worth breaking the rules for.

Not even 2 months we had you but from day one we loved you and think you loved us too. You knew something was wrong. We are just so happy we had you and gave you everything we could in such a short time.

You will always be in all of our hearts, not just my family but everyone you met, IFR team, vets.

Forever Maisie May

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Meeko arrived in foster care almost a week after his two siblings (Bryce and Bronx), and went into foster with a different family.

From Meeko's adopter:

"I came across Meeko in the IFR carers page. He instantly caught my attention because he has a Disney name. I mentioned to my partner that Meeko would be the perfect cat for us. He contacted IFR to "foster to adopt" Meeko as a special birthday surprise for me.

"Meeko is a big mumma's boy. I'm the only one he will sleep with/near, and after being sent his pound photo with his giant pink nose, I like to call him 'Meeko the Red Nose Reincat', and quite often sing Christmas songs about him!

"You will often find Meeko sitting on the window sill or at the door at the front of the house, keeping an eye out for trouble - he's very protective of his house and gets agitated when he thinks something is wrong. He's like a furry little security system!"

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We had an emergency situation where kittens needed foster care quickly - with nobody else available I put up my hand (perils of being an admin of a rescue! You end up taking fosters you don't really have room for, at short notice).

I got four kittens delivered at the same time, and most were hissy (one being somewhat 'bitey' too!). Mickey was the tiniest of the lot, and was also the only one who didn't hiss. While they were all adorable, and two of them gorgeously fluffy, little Mickey won a special place in my heart.

While she was in care with me, she fell quite ill, and was very frail and unable to put on weight. It turned out she had a parasite called coccidiosis. I took her to my own vet since I wasn't able to get her to an IFR affiliated vet, and hundreds of dollars later she had medications to be getting well with!

It just so happened that on this day, she had a meet & greet for a forever home. The vet had put a ribbon on her to make her all pretty, and by the time we got home she was covered in poo (the ribbon included). Her potential adopter wasn't put off by the rude greeting she got at the front door, little Mickey held up in my hands, poo on full display, as I had only just back from the vet so hadn't had a chance to bath her!

Mickey was adopted by this lovely lady despite their 'unsavoury' first meeting, and is still living a life of luxury there today, at 4.5 years old. The Mickster has a very special place in my heart, and I remember her as a crazy little girl full of beans who was rather sick for a while there, but has grown into a beautiful adult cat.

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Nellie (Penelope)


Penelope was nicknamed 'Eyebrows' when first in the pound, due to her unique facial markings. She arrived in foster care about to pop, and soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. The babies all found homes quickly, and it was Penelope’s turn next.

"My old cat died of old age in October 2017 (at the age of 20) and I really missed having a cat in the house. I work with the sister of Nellie's foster carer, and she suggested I adopt one of the cats in her care. I chose Nellie because she was being a bit picked on by a couple of the other foster cats in the house, and I felt sorry for her. We thought being an only pet might suit her better.

"After a shy start, she has loved being an only 'child'! She was very fearful of my large 16 y.o son to start with, but she’s warmed to him now and loves to rub up against him and purr. She is very affectionate and sweet, but also a complete sticky beak, wanting to get into everything to see what might be there.

"I have a friend called 'Penny', and so that’s why we changed Penelope's name to 'Nellie'. We call her 'Nosy Nellie' at times!"

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I had taken my older girl to Warwick vets where I had got talking to this lovely lady Caroline with a crate full of kittens. I took a peek into this crate and there was Peppi at the back sleeping on his back, paws in the air and tongue out. I told her I must have him and so we exchanged numbers and she had sent me photos of Peppi to show my partner. We stayed in contact and a few weeks later I had adopted Peppi and got to take him home. It was a long process getting Miss Ariel to accept not being an only kitty but we got there. He is now a big 9kg softy. Who loves his older sister and younger brother to bits.

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Omen (Ebony)


"I first met Omen (formerly Ebony) when my best friend was fostering her. She hated everything and everyone and wasn't afraid to attack you for no reason. Since we adopted her, Omen has settled down a lot, although she will still attack if you touch her when she's not in the mood! She gives great stink-eye, and I just love having a grumpy cat!"

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Percy Gordon

Percy Gordon

"I first saw Percy Gordon when my friend shared his story as she was taking him to an adoption day event. He was this handsome looking ginger boy, with a gloriously fluffy tail and a regal look about him.

"I fell in love then and there.

"When I heard that no one was interested in him, and had already been in two homes at seven months of age, I just had to meet him. Miraculously my partner agreed, we already had two cats, and so the meeting was set up. Even though he was a little nervous of his temporary surroundings, he was still friendly and affectionate.

"Since Mr Percy came along, I have a constant shadow who showers me with love and kisses, even reaching up to pat my face when he thinks I need the extra reassurance."

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Prince (Rubeus)


Prince (then known as Rubeus) arrived in the pound absolutely frozen with fear - so much so that he couldn’t be touched! Thankfully, this turned out to be just fear, because he quickly ‘defrosted’ and began to accept pats and snuggles from his foster family.

From Prince's adopter:

"I discovered Impound Felone Rescue on Facebook one night and looked at all the beautiful pics of about 20 cats listed on their page. I enquired about one cat and was invited to visit him at his foster home. At the Foster home a big white & black fluffy male cat, ‘Reubus,’ came straight up to me and wouldn’t leave my side. I knew then I had been adopted! I brought him home, and he looked confused and sad for a few days.

"I knew his new name was 'Prince,' he looked so regal to me. Prince is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever been loved by, we bonded so strongly. His purr sounds like a V8 engine rumbling. He loves; food, food ...and food, fresh air, getting brushed, hugs, games, kisses and ...did I say, food? Prince chose me, and I’ve been blessed with his unconditional love every day since!

"Adopting him was the BEST decision I’ve made in years!"

From Prince's adopter, Margit

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Pumbaa (Fluffy)


"We recently adopted Pumbaa (formerly Fluffy) after fostering him, his 2 Brothers and Sister. Meeko wasn't doing too well being an only cat, and to keep him happy so we could continue fostering, we decided we would adopt one of the kittens we were currently fostering.

"Fluffy was a shy little kitten in his previous foster home, but that all changed once he got to our house. My partner had a fondness for Fluffy, and even though I had a soft spot for him as well, I was going to adopt which ever kitten was left. After shutterpaws came to do the kittens photo shoot, and their pictures went up on IFR's Facebook page, I saw all the comments about Fluffy and was instantly jealous, I knew I couldn't let him go. So we adopted Fluffy and changed his name to Pumbaa (cos he's a little fatty who loves his food) and because it fits with my Disney animal names.

"Pumbaa loves his toys, teasing the dogs, snuggles in bed, and to rough and tumble with the other cats in the house. He is currently obsessed with the toilet and the shower.

"I call Pumbaa, 'Pumbii', and my daughter calls him 'Punkaa', his other nicknames include 'little fatty' and 'stop that'!

"Pumbaa has completed our family and made a perfect companion for Meeko, allowing us to continue fostering."

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Smudge #1

Smudge #1

In 2013, I lost my beautiful 3 legged baby Snowbell to cancer. She was my soul kitty and so young at only 8 years old. This devastated the entire family. It devastated me especially as Snowbell would sleep in my arms every night, Summer or winter.

In 2015 whilst scrolling through Facebook, I saw a post by an old school friend of this beautiful cat. I commented and scrolled past the photo. But then found myself going back many times to look at the photo again. I looked into the cats eyes and just knew that she was my new soul kitty.

I contacted IFR and after some communication I decided to go and meet Smudge. We live two hours from Perth, so it was a three hour drive to meet her.

Smudge’s beautiful foster mum (Karris) handed Smudge to me. Smudge turned to look at me and gave me a little head bump. I was in love with this beautiful girl. There was no way that I was going home without her.
I love my beautiful girl. I am so grateful to Karris for rescuing her off death row at the pound.

After having Smudge for a few months, I realised that she was lonely. So I asked her foster mum for advice on what sort of temperament I should look for in a friend for Smudge. Enter Felix (rescued from a farm).
They are now inseparable. We love them both to bits.

Awesome rescue run by amazing volunteers.❤️❤️❤️

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